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Fundamental Learning Imaginative Play

Starting this September!

8:45 AM - 12 PM
2 Day (T/Th)
3 Day (M-W-F) 


 MISSION STATEMENT:Inspire creativity through movement and guided play. To nurture children through an approach of enhanced discovery, in an active, socially engaging, meaningful and fun learning environment. 

 An average day in the Flip Studio Program will resemble this: 

A day which is balanced and unhurried. Students will have time to explore their own interests and develop their own talents. We will work with our hands and move our bodies. We will practice critical thinking skills and learn to quiet our minds. All in the world of play! 

We have weekly themed lesson plans! (Example Sept.2022)

Week 1- “All About ME!”  |  Week 2- “Friendship”  |  Week 3- “Being Brave”  |   Week 4- “Leaves, Leaves, Leaves” 

 What sets FLIP STUDIO apart?

Play IS NOT frivolous. Play is NOT something to do after the “real work” is done. Play IS the real work of childhood. Play nurtures relationships with oneself and others. It relieves stress and increases happiness. It builds feelings of empathy, creativity and collaboration. It supports the growth of sturdiness and grit. 

Kid Jumping Trampoline

The United Nations High Commission on Human Rights declared PLAY “A fundamental right of every child.” 

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