Junior Classes

Teen/Adult Classes

We have classes for children 6 years old to 12 years old in aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, and acrodance. Junior classes are held from 4-7 pm  for younger students to get home earlier. With beginner through advanced, our juniors have a different style class setting designed to help them focus and practice mastering skills while developing strength and techique. 

Our teen and adult classes are later in the evening from 7-9 pm or held on Saturdays. With beginners of any age to advanced teens and adults, these classes are full of variety and typically have between 4 and 12 students. Each class works at various levels and focuses on skills and endurance suitable for each student. 

Aerial Arts is growing in popularity all over the country and is becoming a great tool for exercising and strength training THAT IS FUN!

Students range in ages 6-60, both men and women alike fall in love with this practice!

Students will learn conditioning and stretching techniques that will help to improve overall stamina, strength and balance. Learn this popular and beautiful aerial form, like dancing on air! In all classes, you'll progress at your own pace and comfort level while learning graceful poses, wraps and transitions. Students begin learning positions low to the ground, and move to higher skills as their strength and ability grows.

Transcendence Aerial Dance

Beginner/intermediate silks

Come learn the basics of aerial silks. Conditioning, Climbing. Foot Locks, and more! Learn at your own pace with other beginners. This level is designed to give you a taste of what aerial movement is all about. Gain strength, flexibility, balance & agility.

Intermediate/advanced silks

Current students who demonstrate the ability to execute intermediate level skills with good form and technique are given teacher approval for these classes. 

Students begin to work on choreography and stamina at this level. Aerial artists must train consistently in order to build up strength and the ability to connect skills together safely.

Lyra (Hoop) Class

Our lyra classes feature strengthening, balance and spinning techniques. These classes will teach you the fundamentals of this versatile aerial apparatus, and allow you to develop strength while advancing at your own pace.

Aerial Hoop: also known as "Lyra"~ is a circular steel apparatus (much like a suspended hula hoop), is a popular aerial art used in circus arts.

Static Trapeze Class

Static Trapeze: also known as fixed trapeze or dance trapeze-is a type of circus art performed on the trapeze. Unlike other forms of trapeze, on static trapeze the bars and ropes mainly stay in place. Like lyra, classes will teach you strength, balance and technique in a challenging way. 


This is a basic acrobatic tricks and tumbling class. The goal is to improve strength, coordination, and to enhance dance skills. Practice the basics of acrobatic movement including handstands, rolls, cartwheels, and more advanced flips for those who are ready. Partner balancing, group pyramids, and partnering tricks are just three of the skill sets students explore in AcroDance. This class combines strength and elegance in what is one of the oldest performing art forms. Classes are designed for multiple skill levels.