Transcendence Aerial & Dance offers classes at our facility to new students as well as adults. Increasing in popularity for it's fitness benefits is Aerial Arts.

Aerial and dance classes are great ways to fit exercise into you and your child's busy schedule. You can have fun and learn new things while staying active and using up some of that energy! Aerial fabric - known as aerial silks, and Lyra- aerial hoop, are two of the attractive art forms that entice people into a new favorite form of exercise.

Aerial Arts is a well-known practice all over of the country, and most popular as a circus act. Students range in ages 6-60, both men and women alike fall in love with this practice!

Students will learn conditioning and stretching techniques that will help to improve overall stamina, strength and balance. Learn this popular and beautiful aerial form, like dancing on air! As with all classes, you'll progress at your own pace and comfort level while learning graceful poses, wraps and transitions. Learn positions low to the ground, and move to higher skills as your strength and ability grows.

Registration is required, space is limited. To register or find out more information please visit